Paperback FAQs| Download & Book Club FAQs

I can’t find a book on Amazon. Can I buy it from you?
Please find the book by entering the title in the Search form at the top of our web pages and then click the paperback link. That will show the book sellers you can buy the book from. We only sell paperbacks through book sellers, not directly.

I can’t find a book using your search form
Please find the book by only entering the title up to the colon. Please do not enter the subtitle after the colon in the Search form.

Amazon says a book is out of stock. Can I buy it from you?
You can download the PDF version by entering the book’s title in our Search form. Unfortunately, we don’t know when the book will be back in print. But you can try to reserve a copy at Amazon and get it as soon as it’s published.

The book doesn’t list an author. Who wrote it?
If our description of the book lists the source as Wikipedia, the book may have hundreds on contributors. Therefore, instead of listing each individual contributor, we include a URL to the online edition at the end of each chapter; there you can click the history tab to see a list of that chapter’s contributors.

How can I tell if a book is fiction or non-fiction?
Books LLC paperbacks are non-fiction. (Click the Paperback link on the search results page to check the publisher’s name.) If a story, play, movie or song in mentioned in the book’s subtitle, it means the book contains commentary on that, not the story itself. We normally make this clear by including Study Guide, Book Guide, or Music Guide in the title and mentioning in the book’s description that the book is nonfiction commentary. Please read the excerpt we include in the book’s description page for more details (click the Details link on the search results page). You can also see the book’s non-fiction subject classification there. We publish pre-1923 fiction under another imprint and via downloads only.

How do I access the online edition of a book?
Each chapter in the book ends with a URL to a hyperlinked online version. Use the online version to access related pages, websites, footnote URLs. Please type the URL exactly the way it appears. Any change to capitalization, for example, will cause the URL to not work. If you want to download the entire book in PDF format simply sign up for a free book club membership from our homepage. You can then enter the title in the search box at the top of the page to find the book and then click the Download link.

Wikipedia is free. Why should I buy a book with Wikipedia content?
Our Wiki books are bought mainly by libraries and people who prefer to read a paperback than a computer screen. The typical 100 page book has more than 200 articles. You would have a hard time locating those articles (unless you had the book). Furthermore, we don’t charge anything for writing the articles. So when you buy a Wikipedia book you are getting the content for free. We only charge for the time spent compiling, editing, indexing, typesetting, designing, printing, binding and shipping the book. Our website and the book descriptions we ask booksellers to display prominently credit Wikipedia as the source, include an excerpt of one of the Wikipedia articles, a URL to read the full article at Wikipedia, and the titles of other Wikipedia articles in the book (space permitting) that readers can use to read the content at Wikipedia without buying the book. The book itself credits Wikipedia as the source on the publisher’s page, in the Introduction and at the end of every chapter.

I was expecting the book to be bigger.
Some of our books are more than 1,000 pages and some are as short as 20 pages. Our website and online book sellers list the page length of each book. Therefore, it’s important to check that to avoid disappointment.

What’s the difference between two similar paperbacks?
Simply click the Details link on our search results page to see the table of contents and an excerpt from any Books LLC book. You should see that some chapters may be the same but others are different. In the case of PDF books, the difference may simply be the year of publication, the original publisher or edition.

I would like to suggest changes to a book. Who do I send them to?
To suggest changes simply go to the online version using the URL at the end of the chapter and click the Edit link. (If you don’t have a copy of the book then go to www.wikipedia.org/wiki/ followed by the chapter name.) Assuming your change is accepted by the article’s editors it will automatically appear in the next edition of the book.

How do I buy one of your paperbacks?
To buy a printed book simply click the Paperback link in our search results. Our books are also available from most major booksellers. We don’t sell paperbacks directly.

How can book stores and libraries buy your paperbacks?
Our U.S. wholesaler for book stores and libraries is Ingram. Since our books don’t have a cover price you can add whatever markup you like. Outside of the U.S. please see our global distributors list. We don’t sell paperbacks directly.

How do I return my paperback?
Could you please be so kind as to return the book to the book store you purchased it from, if it’s not too much trouble? We can’t accept returns directly since much of your purchase price went to the book seller, the distributor and the wholesaler so only they can refund that money. If you bought the book at Amazon, please see their refund instructions here.

I have some questions about a book?
You can find any of our books by using the Search form on our home page. Simply click the Details link under the title in your search results to see all the information we have about the book. In many cases that includes a 2,000 character excerpt. Unfortunately, our customer service staff don’t have any more details about a book than what is in our database and listed on the book’s detail page. However, you could download the books at no additional charge if you were a book club member, or for $9.99 otherwise. To get additional details you would need to hire one of our researchers to retrieve and study the actual books and that, unfortunately, would cost more than just downloading the books yourself.

Why is a book not available as a paperback? Can you let me know when it is?
We are trying to make each unique downloadable English title available in paperback. Unfortunately, we can’t automatically let you know when we print a book. You need to check our website from time to time. We will print non-English language titles as we get distributors in those countries.

I can’t find a book. Can you find it for me?
First, we suggest you search by entering the title and author in our search box together and then separately. We also suggest you omit the book’s subtitle since we normally don’t index on that. If that doesn’t work, unfortunately, we can’t help further. We don’t take requests and we have no way to let you know when we receive a book.

What’s your address and phone number?
We publish from Memphis, Tennessee, USA. We don’t list our personnel, address and phone number because it’s more efficient to contact us via our Contact Us form.

I work for a University. Can I get a “desk copy” of a book?
We no longer provide printed desk copies.

Can I get a free review copy of a book?
We provide book reviewers who work for magazines and newspapers with free digital review copies. Simply click the Contact Us link at the top of our website, enter the book’s ISBN number and your business email address. We no longer provide printed review copies. Unfortunately, we don’t provide free copies to people mentioned in the book, the author’s relatives, websites, blogs, book stores, libraries, scholars, professors, Wikipedia contributors, etc.–but you can download a copy from our website for $9.99.

I’m with a non-profit group. Can you donate copies of your books?
I’m very sorry but we had to stop donating books due to the difficulty in verifying requests. Instead we make unsolicited donations to causes our staff are already familiar with.

I’m a publisher. Can we buy foreign rights for one of your books?
Since we are a global publisher, we don’t sell foreign rights to our books. But if you would like to distribute our books in your country, please let us know.

I’m an author. How do I submit a manuscript?
We don’t accept manuscripts from authors. We license large numbers of books from other publishers.

How can I tell what language a book is?
In the search results we include the book’s standard language code. For example EN (English), FR (French), IT (Italian), DE (German), ES (Spanish), NL (Dutch), PT (Portuguese), NO (Norwegian), etc.

Book Download FAQs

I see a charge from Books LLC. What is it for?
If the charge is for $9.99 it means you purchased a digital book. To see what book you downloaded, simply click the Login link below and enter your Paypal email address. If the charge is for $14.99 it means you purchased a book club membership. To cancel a membership, simply log into your Paypal account as explained below.

How do I cancel a book club subscription?
To cancel a book club subscription:
1. Log in to your PayPal account.
2. Click Profile at the top of the page.
3. Click My Preapproved Payments in the Financial Information column.
4. Click View the Agreement next to the merchant agreement you want to cancel.
5. Click Cancel or Cancel automatic billing and follow the instructions.
If Books LLC is not listed under preapproved payments, you have already cancelled your subscription.
Alternatively, simply locate the subscription charge in Paypal, click on Details and then press the Cancel Subscription button at the bottom of the page, then again on the page following.
If you don’t cancel, Paypal will automatically bill you $14.99 every 30 days until you cancel.

I paid to download a book. Now how do I get it?
If you paid by credit card the book should automatically download unless you close the Paypal window. If you paid from your bank account you will need to wait up to four days until Paypal notifies us that if has receive the funds from your bank. In either case, simply click the login link at the top of our web pages and enter the email address you gave to Paypal. You don’t need a password. After logging in you will see the books you have downloaded or purchased. Simply click the title link to download a book without charge. If you don’t see the book, could you please be so kind as to check that you logged in under the exact email address on the Paypal email confirmation for the purchase of that book. If you did and you don’t see your book, please select the email confirmation you received from Paypal and click the Forward button to forward it to us as an attachment. (We need to see the email address Paypal sent the confirmation to.)

When I click the download link I don’t get (or can’t read) the book? What to do?
Whenever someone tells us that they can’t download or read a book, we never seem to have any problem downloading or reading it. Therefore, could you please be so kind as to try these downloading tips first:
* First, please try our suggestions below. If none of them work, let us know and we will find a way to get the book to you or refund your purchase.
* If you see the message “Click here to hear an audio captcha,” please enter the words in the graphic and click the submit button.
* If the download times out, you can download the book again at anytime. Simply click the login link on our home page. Don’t worry if you see a book listed more than once in your account. We will only count it as one download.
* These can be huge files. Sometimes downloads can take a long time. Therefore, as long as you don’t get an error message, it’s best to do something else and check the download’s progress later. Try to avoid clicking the refresh button since that starts the download again making you wait even longer.
* Try upgrading your browser or try a different browser like FireFox or Google Chrome; they’re free. Sometimes corrupt settings can prevent opening a PDF inside your browser.
* Try upgrading Adobe Reader. If you have been using another PDF reader, you may want to uninstall that from the control pannel first.
* If the download doesn’t start, try temporarily turning your popup blocker or your web antivirus software off to see if they are blocking it.
* If you get a message that the book is not available and you are a book club member then we suggest you try downloading another edition instead. If you are not a book club member, you can click the Contact Us link and let us know if you would like a refund or to change your order to another book number.
* Sometimes people tell us that after downloading the book the pages are blank. Normally this means the PDF hasn’t finished downloading or you need to wait a few seconds after turning the page. When you can read the last page of the PDF, it means the download is done. (You can ignore our Preparing to download message if it continues to display.)
* If Adobe Reader says the PDF is corrupt, it usually means it didn’t finish downloading. Please try downloading it again. You may need to delete your browser’s temporary files so it doesn’t serve the corrupt PDF from its catch.
* If your browser runs out of memory while downloading the PDF, please try closing your other programs to increase memory and then try again.
* Please let us know if after buying a book you get the message: The requested URL was not found on this server. We will track down the book for you. Unfortunately, if you were downloading the book free as a club member you will need to find another book to download.
* If you are getting another error message from our website could you please send us the URL where you are having a problem and what the error message is, and we will fix it. But if it’s your browser or Adobe software that’s giving you the error, our customer service people can’t provide support for those software products.
* When the download is done, select Save from the File menu of your PDF viewer or click the disk icon on your browser, depending on how your computer is configured, to save the PDF to your computer. You may want to make a note of what folder you saved it to so you can find it later.
* If you get an XML error when downloading a book from your accout it may mean you waited too long before clicking the book. (URLs expire.) Simply click your browser’s Refresh button to log into your account again and then immediately click the title of the book you want to download.

Can I read the book on my computer?
Yes, simply double-click the PDF you downloaded to read it in Adobe Reader or whatever PDF reader you have on your PC. You don’t need an iPad, Kindle, or any special hardware.

Can I read the book on my Kindle?
Yes, Kindle has a built-in PDF Reader. Simply email the PDF to your Kindle (via your @Kindle address) or drag and drop it onto your Kindle (when connected via USB). To add Kindle functionality such as annotation, Text-to-Speech, etc., type “Convert” in the subject line when emailing the PDF to your @kindle.com address. However, we suggest you test your ability to transfer and read a PDF on Kindle before purchasing the book from us since people often have problems doing that. We can’t offer tech support for Kindle or refund your purchase if you have to read the book on your PC.

Can I read the book on my iPad?
Yes, you can read a PDF on iPad. Simply add the PDF to your iTunes 10 library, connect your iPad to your PC and Sync. You can read the PDF with iPad’s built-in PDF Reader, Goodreader, Cloudreaders, or Stanza, etc. However, we suggest you test your ability to transfer and read a PDF on iPad before purchasing the book from us since people often have problems doing that. We can’t offer tech support for iPad or its PDF readers or refund your purchase if you have to read the book on your PC.

Can I read your books on my Nook, iPhone, Blackberry, or other mobile device?
Yes, you can upload or email our PDF formatted books to your mobile device and then read them with free software like eReader or Mobipocket. But we can’t provide tech support for those devices.

Can I print the book?
Yes, simply double-click to open it in Adobe Reader and select Print from the File menu.

I bought the wrong book (or there are pages missing). Can I get a refund or a replacement?
Please locate the correct book or another edition of the problem book and note the ID= number in the Download link by clicking it. You will need to enter that ID number on the Request form. Then log into your account. Then let us know what book you wanted and we will provide a free replacement, if possible. We have most books published before 1922. However, we don’t provide this service to book club members since they can simply download the other book without any charge.

Why join the book club?
If you want to download more than one book you can save money by joining the book club for a month since a membership costs less than the cost of two books. However, please keep in mind that not all books listed in the search results are available in all countries at all times to club members.

Are your PDFs illustrated?
The books listed on our search results as PDF/scan are scanned copies of the original book. They include the original illustrations.

How do I distinguish between old scanned books and modern originals?
The books listed on our search results as PDF/scan are older books we have scanned. The condition of the books reflects their years of use in libraries (e.g. notations, faded type, yellowed paper, etc.) The scan may have missing or skewed pages. We also have hundreds of thousands of books listed simply as “PDF” that are mostly modern, original books published by us. We have typeset and designed those books and then converted them to PDFs. Therefore, you can search those books by keyword and copy and paste text into your word processor. The books “by Wikipedia” consist entirely of content licensed from Wikipedia.

Can I download books without a Paypal account?
You can pay without having a Paypal account. After clicking the download or join book club link, simply click where it says “Use your credit card or bank account.” That will let you pay by echeck or credit card. Unfortunately, we can’t accept mailed checks.

I just downloaded a book. Can I switch that order to a book club membership instead?
Paypal will not let us convert your order for a single book to a book club membership. We also can’t refund book purchases. Sorry.

How do I download a book again later. How do I login?
If you bought the book or a book club membership on our website, simply click login and enter your Paypal email. You don’t need a password. After logging in you will see the books you have downloaded as a book club member or purchased. Simply click the download link to download a book without charge. If you wish to download a scanned copy of a paperback you purchased, please do that from our home page.

I can’t find the book I’m searching for. Do you have it?
Since we have millions of books, we recommend you enter both the title and the author into our search box. If that doesn’t work, you may want to copy and paste the title and author from a source like Amazon to avoid any errors. If that still doesn’t work then, unfortunately, we can’t help you. Our customer service people have no additional searching tools.

Can I find books by subject?
Entering the suject in the title search field will usually work. While we have assigned BISAC subjects to most books for library use, we haven’t made them searchable since usually only librarians know them.

Can I get the text for a scanned book so I can search or edit it?
You can convert a scanned book to text by opening it in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Drag your cursor to highlight what you want. Then select Copy from the Edit menu. Open your word processing software and select Paste from the Edit menu. For further details please contact Adobe. We cannot provide technical support for their products.

Can I preview a book before I download it?
If the book has a Paperback link on our search results page you can click that to go to the book’s page at Amazon. Amazon will often display a Look Inside the Book icon. If so, click that to preview the book. You can also click the Details link on our search results page to see if we have a 2,000 character excerpt from the book. Unfortunately, if there’s no Paperback link on our search results page there’s no way to preview the book.

I’m a book club member. But when I try to download a book it asks me to pay $9.99.
Please click the Login link on our home page and enter your email address first. Then click the Download link beside the book you want. If you forget, at the top of the book payment page you will see a reminder that says “Book club member? If so, please login to download the book for free.”

I’m a book club member. How do I download more than four books a month?
At the moment there is no way to increase the downloads per month on an account. If you have another Paypal account, you could use that to subscribe to a second membership. We only offer one membership per Paypal account. Unfortunately, we don’t offer discounts for multiple memberships. Otherwise, you can download as many additional books as you like for $9.99 each. Don’t worry if you see a book listed more than once in your account. We will only count it as one download.

I’m a book club member. It’s a new month but the site is saying I have already downloaded my four book maximum
You can download up to four books every 30 days. If, for example, you download all four books on the first day you will need to wait 30 days to download more. If you download books over the course of several days you can log into your account to see the download dates. Count to four starting from the bottom of the book list and then add 31 days to that download date. That’s the day you can resume downloading. The start of a new month doesn’t change that.

I’m a book club member but I didn’t download any books last month. Can I download twice as many books this month?
Unfortunately, our software will only let you download four books each month. Allowing for credits of books not downloaded in prior months would require a complete rewrite of our software.

Does my book club membership auto renew monthly?
Yes, Paypal will automatically bill you $14.99 every 30 days until you cancel. You don’t need to do anything.

If I download the same book twice do you count that as two downloads?
If you are a book club member you can log into your account anytime and download a book again by clicking the download link on your list of books previously downloaded and we won’t count that. However, if you download a book using our book search form and it is a different version of a book previously downloaded then we will count that as an additional download.

Paypal rejected my credit card. How do I pay?
You may want to contact Paypal (e.g. service@paypal.com) to see if they can offer you an alternate way to pay. Unfortunately, we can’t force them to take your credit card and we don’t offer an alternative payment method.

I can’t print the PDF I downloaded.
If you are having troubling printing a PDF Adobe offers the following suggestions. If you can’t find the PDF you can search your computer opening Windows Explorer and enter *.pdf in search box at the top or just download it again.

What is the resolution of your PDFs?
Most PDFs are scanned at 600 dpi. However, we may reduce the resolution to 300 dpi or lower to reduce download time and the time it takes you to view the next page.

After downloading a book, can I copy all or part of it?
This article explains which of our books are in the public domain in the U.S. If the book is in the public domain you don’t need to ask our permission to use it. Outside of the U.S. please consult your local copyright laws. Unfortunately, we can only provide signed letters of permission to companies paying a licensing fee since we need legal counsel to review agreements at a cost of hundreds of dollars an hour.

How can I reduce the size of the book?
To reduce the book size so it takes less space and prints quicker, simply open it, select Print from the file menu, select your PDF print driver, select the desired resolution and click OK. For example, for the Adobe PDF driver click the Paper Quality tab, then the Advanced button, then the Print Quality link. Please consult Adobe technical support for further details.

How do I change my email address?
To change the email address on your account, simply change your primary email address at Paypal. When we receive the next Paypal payment from you, we will automatically create a new account for the new email address.

Why am I getting this message: Sorry, this edition of the book is not available for download to your country?
Unfortunately, some books are only available for download in a limited number of countries due to local copyright laws.

Do I become a book club member simply by buying a book?
No. To become a book club member you need to post a request using the form on our home page. We don’t enroll you in the club without your permission.

As a book club member, does a three volume set count as three books?
If the volumes are separate downloads then, yes, we count each download as a book.

There’s a problem with the book I downloaded. Can you re-scan it for me?
Unfortunately, we don’t have physical copies of the books to re-scan. However, if you can find another edition using our search form you can request a replacement by logging into your account and then clicking the “request” link. After locating the other edition, note the ID= number in the Download link by clicking it. You will need to enter that ID number on the Request form.

Does a three volume set count as three books?
If the volumes are separate downloads then, yes, we count each download as a book.

When I click on a URL in the book I downloaded why doesn’t it work?
Please copy and paste the URLs into your browser rather than clicking on them. If the URL is more than one line long, you may need to paste it into Notepad first, click infront of each additional line and press that backspace key until the URL is all on one line. If you are retyping the URL, please make sure you have typed each lowercase letter as lowercase and each uppercase letter as uppercase.

Why do scanned books sometimes have a different number of pages than listed in the search results?
When we offer a book in paperback format we list the number of pages in the paperback rather than the scanned version. The scanned version will usally have more pages than the paperback since we re-typeset paperbacks in a more compact format.

Are the books in color?
If the original book had color illustrations then the scanned book will almost always be in color also. However, we can’t guarantee that nor can we check a book to confirm the existence of color images.